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The Impressionist and the City: Pissarro’s Series

Camille Pissarro is perhaps best known for the landscape paintings of his early career, yet in the final decade of his life (1893-1903) he began to depict urban scenes and his paintings from this period, of Paris, Rouen and the busy ports of Dieppe and Le Havre formed an important component of his artistic output. […]

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Monet and the Mediterranean

The first book to focus on Claude Monet’s sojourns to the southern coasts of France and Italy, Monet and the Mediterranean unites over one hundred paintings created in the course of three major trips, from 1883 to 1908. Many of these works have never before been reproduced in color or even publicly shown, for they […]

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Monet’s Cathedral

In 1895 Claude Monet exhibited a group of paintings showing the facade of Rouen Cathedral under the changing lights from dawn to dusk and in a variety of weathers. The paintings were sold and dispersed, and this book assembles the 30 paintings in sequence. The text discusses their origin. The pictures are reproduced as individual […]

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